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Today, the problem of obesity is one of the most serious problems for mankind. According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 billion people are overweight.

An extremely negative trend is the increase in the proportion of young people with obesity. Today, even children and adolescents face more and more of this problem. On the other hand, in the mass consciousness, the ideal figure corresponds to the figure of the model. Such extreme weight loss remains in vogue, meaning that people of very normal weight (mostly young girls) set themselves a goal - to lose weight by all means, even at the cost of their own health.

If you feel you want to lose weight, evaluate if you have extra pounds. You can do this using your body mass index (Quetelet index) or other methods. If you only have extra weight, you should try to lose weight.

What influences the choice of the best diet

How to lose weight? Therapy is always based on nutrition with limited energy value. You need to eat fewer calories than you spend during the day. Which diet is better depends on a number of factors. First, it is important who wants to lose weight - male or female, young or older. Second, it is important whether the patient has any concomitant pathology. It should be borne in mind that diseases of the internal organs, metabolic disorders and psychological problems affect the rate of weight loss, tolerance to different types of products. Third, the purpose of the diet is of fundamental importance. For some, the key is to lose weight based on a personal history or event, and for some, the stability of the outcome is more important, while for others, the priority is to achieve well-being and improve health. Choosing the best diet to lose weight also depends on your financial situation and even the season. In some months, the watermelon diet will be unrealistic, but for someone, nutrition systems that use special balanced products (weight loss cocktails) will be very expensive. Maybe someone will benefit from reviewing the best diet from the point of view of doctors and weight loss. Such information can help you make the right choice.

Which diet is better for you

The best diet to lose weight in your situation is a nutrition system that will easily adapt to your taste and daily routine. So, if you work night shifts, do not try to follow the advice: eat only in the morning. If the taste of fish is unpleasant for you, then the seafood diet will be inappropriate. Do not deceive yourself in the hope that you will wake up on Monday with an unprecedented willpower. Changing any stereotype is always painful. Choose a food system as close to your habits as possible so that the diet does not become too stressful and the result is not mental balance, but weight loss. If you like cottage cheese, choose the cottage cheese version of the Osama Hamdi diet. If you prefer plant foods, you can choose an orange diet or fruit and vegetable fasting days. If you want to lose weight, but do not think of a day without sweets, focus on fasting with a milk and honey diet, chocolate diet or ice cream. All these diets will give certain results. However, if your weight already corresponds to the diagnosis of obesity or any chronic diseases, consult an endocrinologist before choosing a diet.

The best diet in terms of medication

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Basic medicine is very skeptical of the various restrictive eating systems we call diets. On any days of starvation or low-calorie diet, when the energy value of the food is less than 800-1000 kcal per day, doctors recommend that it be carried out only in the hospital, after a thorough examination and under the close supervision of specialists.

When it comes to unbalanced diets, when there are only a few different foods on the table, their long-term use is also scientifically dangerous to health. After all, even the most useful product contains only part of the vitamins and trace elements we need. There are also diets that limit the intake of carbohydrates or fats. They are called proteins. It is known that such foods overload the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, for a long time, such systems are not recommended to anyone and can be used painlessly only by completely healthy people.

Nutritionists around the world periodically create their own nutritional systems based on theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Such systems include nutrition according to the diet of Atkins, Ducan, Hamdiy and others. Even if you trust the author's education and fame, their nutrition system is not necessarily the best diet for you personally. The best diet to lose weight, from the point of view of most endocrinologists, is a proper physiological diet with some restrictions on total daily caloric intake. The principles of this system are described in the medical literature. Table 8 The Healing Diet, developed by a nutritionist, is an example of a balanced diet for weight loss. The next day you will not see the results of this diet. And in general, the system does not promise to lose many kilograms in a few days. But if you follow all the recommendations, you can count on a lasting result, health.

Reviews of the best diet to lose weight

The network contains a large number of stories of famous people and ordinary women and men, where they talk about the secrets of losing weight, the best diets. Do not blindly trust these stories. Sometimes reviews for the best diet are based on commercials, weight loss programs, or advertisements for medical clinics. Of course, many respect and sympathize with their favorite actresses, singers, and TV presenters. However, ask your doctor's opinion before ordering any of the products they recommend in their articles. Many people rely more on the opinions of relatives and friends about the best diet for weight loss. Perhaps this is a more reliable source of information. After all, you will be able to evaluate the results of the diet with your own eyes and ask more about the side effects.

Which diet is better

So, the ideal is a diet that will help you achieve results with the least effort, money and health. Choose your diet responsibly. Consult a specialist, talk to friends who have lost weight, read on the Internet and in special literature, what diets are available, whether there are contraindications and side effects. Set realistic goals for yourself and remember that the best diet not only has a good cosmetic effect, but also helps to maintain your health.