Weight loss run

No special equipment or devices are required for running, which makes this sport accessible to everyone. Learn how and when to run to lose those extra pounds and make your figure beautiful!

The girl who ran to lose weight

Many people on the planet want to lose weight quickly and get their bodies in order. Running is a useful, inexpensive and effective way to lose weight. To start running, every beginner should learn many rules and recommendations for this type of exercise, but if you take into account all the features of the exercise, you can tighten your muscles in a short time, strengthen the body and, most importantly, lose weight significantly.

Tips for effective running

Running is a great way to shed those extra pounds painlessly and effectively and get your body back to normal. To organize the most useful and productive exercises, you need to follow some rules that will help make them easier and more enjoyable.

How to run properly to lose weight fast?The following rules must be followed during lessons:

  • It is necessary to replenish the body's carbohydrate reserves one hour before leaving the track.
  • Avoid drinking too much water while running.
  • You need to breathe calmly and moderately.
  • You need to keep the correct posture while running.
  • The legs are always slightly bent at the knees.
  • You do not need to shake your arms when moving, but you should not strain and press hard on the body.

Simple jogging exercises will allow you to start losing those extra pounds in less than a month. The simple rules you need to follow during training will help you to run efficiently and safely for your health.

The cost of running weight loss

Those who want to lose weight every day ask thousands of times: how to run to lose weight? What time of day should you train in the morning or evening? How often should you train?

Get rid of body fat by running

The answer to these questions is very simple: you should run constantly and, most importantly, regularly.

To get rid of body fat by running, you simply need to burn more calories than you consume. The reality of the modern world today is that people do not have a normal schedule of life: they sleep at different times, eat regardless of the time of day, and in some cases do not move at all or are overly physically active. . Such an imbalance in life leads to the formation of fat reserves in the body, which are very difficult to get rid of.

Why is running so useful for weight loss?

  1. During running, almost all muscle groups work, and excess weight acts as a kind of gravity agent.
  2. Muscle activity begins with the burning of adipose tissue.
  3. Running does not require much preparation. After reading the instructions, you can start training today.
  4. Running is a genetically unique exercise. Safe, natural, affordable and suitable for people of all ages.

Running myths

Many people who have just started exercising or are just interested in running to lose weight have heard unusual and contradictory statements about exercise. The following myths differ between them:

  • It is necessary to run on an empty stomach.Such a statement cannot be true, because the body still needs nutrition. Nutritionists and trainers recommend eating a small portion of complex carbohydrates half an hour before a run to keep your stomach running and increase your productivity.
  • Running helps to build leg muscles and does not cause fat burning in the legs.There are no separate methods to lose weight only in the lower extremities, to lose weight quickly, running should be combined with training the whole body.
  • The quieter you run, the faster you burn fat.The rapid rate of "wear and tear" forces the body to consume more oxygen than a quiet movement, and the body requires more energy for this process.
  • Running in the morning to lose weight is healthier than afternoon or evening activities, but this approach can cause problems in the cardiovascular system, because a sharp awakening and high load on the heart can not have a positive effect on the human body.


It may seem that running is the safest way to lose weight, but it is not.

Training is contraindicated for people with the following indicators:

  • work abnormalities or diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • damage to the musculoskeletal system;
  • flebeurism;
  • blood diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • high blood pressure;
  • vision problems, diseases of the retina.

To run and lose weight, doctors recommend following the rules to avoid possible health complications.

  • You do not need to follow any number of breaths while driving. Breathing in and out is better done naturally because overloading with oxygen causes dizziness, weakness, and increased blood pressure.
  • Some beginners may experience mild asthma at the beginning of the class. To prevent unpleasant suffocation, doctors recommend walking and running in wooded areas or on special training grounds away from highways.
  • Avoid running on paved sidewalks. When running on asphalt, a strong shock load is formed, which can cause damage to the joints and spine.

Make sure you review your diet and lifestyle before starting classes. To lose weight on the run, you will have to give up alcohol, sugary and fatty foods. You should also schedule a regular sleep schedule.

How to learn to run properly

For people with extra pounds, it is especially important to follow safety precautions to start running, as too much weight during running will increase the load on muscles and joints.

The girl began to run to the sound of music

Beginners are advised to follow some principles that will make it easier to train and run with pleasure:

  • If you have never exercised before or have taken a long break, then you can't start running right away. It's a good idea to set aside a few days for a race walk and then gradually combine the walk with a light run.
  • Plan an hour for a walk. You need to exercise constantly to lose weight effectively. Even a simple free walk will help you lose weight.

Find a company or create the perfect playlist for yourself. New acquaintances will help you not to give up all the time and continue your education, and will illuminate your good musical solitude.

How to start

For a start, you need to set the required rhythm and initial loads to understand how to start running properly. The following training rules are widely used for beginners:

  • The frequency of classes is at least twice a week.
  • The starting distance for running should not exceed 1. 5-2 km.
  • Young athletes are advised to start running in sportswear that repels moisture and stimulates the fat burning process.
  • It is advisable to combine regular running with racing. This approach develops endurance, which will allow you to increase your running distance in a month.

Also, in order to quickly join the training process, beginners are advised to run according to a pre-designed program. By sticking to the plan, you can relieve physical stress at first, and then enjoy the run.

How to breathe properly

Normal breathing during running exercises can reduce stress on the cardiovascular system and increase the flow of oxygen to muscle tissue. This process allows you to increase physical activity and increase the effectiveness of running to lose weight.

The girl follows the rules of breathing, depending on the running technique

How to breathe properly in class? There are a few simple rules for breathing, but all of them are conditional, because this process is strictly individual for each person.
At normal speeds, the human body begins to consume several times more oxygen than normal, so improper breathing can lead to lung dysfunction and, consequently, health problems.

Depending on the running technique, there are two main types of breathing for men and women.

  1. The process of equal breathing, which is optimal for a quiet run in the park or on special trails. In this case, you need to breathe, starting with the pace of running. Breathing is optimal: take a deep breath, 2-3 steps, breathe.
  2. Interval or sprint training. It is impossible to control breathing during such competitions, in which case you should try to compensate for the lack of oxygen by taking deep breaths and sharp breaths.

Interestingly, during the school years, almost all people were taught to breathe while running through the nose, but this statement is controversial.

Breathing through your nose is good for your health, but the methods of delivering air to your body where you run should be combined.

When and how much to run to lose weight?

Conventionally, jogging can be divided into morning and evening. However, everyone should set an alternative time for lessons. You need to get used to running gradually, accurately determining the load, speed and distance you can cover over a period of time.

In the morning

Running in the morning allows you to fill the whole day with energy, but you can not actively exercise in the morning, because high loads will cause an increase in blood pressure, which will lead to fatigue and disruption of the cardiovascular system.

Run half an hour in the morning to lose weight effectively

The time for a morning run should not exceed half an hour, as such a period will allow the body to wake up without creating excessive stress.

To lose weight in the morning jogging, you should follow these rules:

  • It is necessary to start classes no later than half an hour after waking up, in which case the body will not experience a strong load.
  • Be sure to warm up a bit before running. Stretching exercises are great exercises for your body.
  • You can't eat anything before running in the morning to lose weight. It should take place 15-30 minutes after breakfast. However, going to the gym on an empty stomach is bad for your health, so you should definitely drink a glass of water after waking up.

Do not beat your internal clock. Choose the training time that suits you best.


Evening classes will be a great alternative to relaxation for people who do not spend all their energy during the working day.

Unloading evening run

In the evenings you can run on any schedule, but in any case you have to follow some rules.

  • It is necessary to eat before the run, but not later than two hours.
  • It is best to leave the track immediately after work, because it will be psychologically difficult to force yourself to go out after returning from work, lunch and rest.

Running techniques

How to choose a running technique to lose weight? Of course, to get started, it's a good idea to try all of its methods and types and then determine which ones are right for you. The secret to success in jogging is not only to follow all the rules of training, but also the pleasure you need to get during them.

In any case, you need to run in such a way that you do not get tired and drown, that is, you need to start training by gradually increasing the load, and many running programs will allow you to improve your training. system.


Everyone knows the benefits of running to the body. Natural movement and even breathing help reduce appetite, burn fat faster and act as a soothing element.

Proper running is difficult to explain, because such running is based on natural and calm human actions.

For beginners, designed for three months of training, there is such a running technique:

  1. Running is performed three times a week. First you need to warm up for 10 minutes, then run at a free speed for 10-15 minutes. Then, you need to accelerate the pace, climb up for 10 minutes or increase the speed a bit. Finish the run with a 15-minute quiet walk.
  2. Classes are also held three times a week, but running is combined with various physical exercises:

    • Exercise 1: Warm up for 10 minutes, run for half an hour, lie down for 10 minutes.
    • Exercise 2: 10 minutes of walking, 15 minutes of brisk walking, 10 minutes of running, 5-10 minutes of walking.
    • Exercise 3: warm up for ten minutes, run for 10 minutes, work with a rope for 5 minutes, walk for 10 minutes.
  3. In the third month, training is carried out in combination:

    • Lesson 1: 10 minutes of warm-up, 40 minutes of running, 5-10 minutes of walking.
    • Lesson 2: 10 minutes of warm-up, 20 minutes of jogging, alternating active and quiet jogging.
    • Lesson 3: Walk 5 minutes, run 10 minutes, climb 15 minutes, run 5 minutes, walk 10 minutes.

Magic run

Shuttle is a short-distance run that does not exceed 100 meters. Every person has run a physical education school at least once in their life, the distinguishing feature of which is that during the run you have to suddenly stop and touch the limit sign or run around any obstacle.

This type of exercise allows you to develop agility and endurance, and a sudden change in speed will help you lose weight faster than you want.


Sprint - running short distances at maximum speed. Doctors do not recommend just sprinting to lose weight, such exercises should be included in interval training.

A smooth run, given by a person at its best, will allow you to lose weight quickly. However, it should be noted that sprinting creates a strong heart load that can adversely affect the work of the heart.

Typically, a sprinter program is set up as follows.

  • Warm-up 15-20 minutes: light running, stretching, obstacle course can be included.
  • Training: Sprint racing can be from 100 meters to 2-7 kilometers. Beginners are recommended to run 300-500 meters.
  • The end of the session is 10-15 minutes: an important moment of any run, because proper "cooling" helps to stretch the muscles and eliminate painful sensations in them. Finish by running quietly or stretching your whole body.

Never neglect to warm up and complete your workout, as they help increase your performance and improve your fitness accordingly.

Interval training

Interval running is the most effective way to get rid of these extra pounds, because even after you finish your workout, your body continues to destroy fat deposits and convert them into energy.

How is interval training organized? You can run both outdoors and on the treadmill at intervals. To do this, you need to determine your running technique and divide the route into time intervals as you increase and decrease the load. For example: running 50 meters, moving at maximum speed after 150 meters and walking 100 meters.

Short distances

Short-distance running is popular among weight loss people because it does not take much time and the effect is achieved as soon as possible. Short distance training includes:

  • sprint races;
  • service run;
  • interval classes.

No running-based weight loss program would be complete without them.

Exercises that involve high loads allow the body to "dry out" quickly, as well as build muscle mass, so athletes and bodybuilders often run short distances.

Long distances

Long-distance running is the most common sport for both professionals and amateurs. This allows you to regulate your body and improve your well-being.

Running long distances creates endurance. To master long routes, you need not only the desire, but also the right calculation of perseverance and strength.

As a standard, long routes are eliminated by jogging, but for more effective weight loss, classic jogging often adds charging and interval training elements.

Where to run?

There are many running techniques that can be used to lose weight fast, but it is also important to know where and on what surface you will run. There are the following types of training:

  1. Escape stairs:is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. This method of training allows you to quickly strengthen the muscle mass of the legs and lose weight. Running is often combined with body bandages to increase sweating.
  2. Running up stairs is a way to strengthen and lose leg muscles
  3. Abroad:The most popular and useful form of running. You can take such classes:

    • In the stadium:Athletes who have the opportunity to train in stadiums are incredibly lucky, because these seats are equipped with a special rubber cover that softens the impact of the feet when running and prevents slipping shoes. In addition, it is always easier to schedule a run in stadiums, because like-minded people will run with you, they will not allow you to relax.
    • On the asphalt:It is quite difficult to find a place to run in a city, because it is the most common type of activity. Because doctors do not recommend running on asphalt surfaces due to the possibility of joint damage, people who do not have the opportunity to train in the park or stadium should buy special shoes that will soften the impact force.
    • With a dog:a fun and enjoyable way to lose weight and move your pet. In this case, there is no need for the company of friends or acquaintances, because the dog still needs to be taken out. A quiet run with a hairy companion will always keep you in shape.
  4. On the spot:This way of doing it is great for shy people, because such a run can be done without leaving home. Also, running on the spot can replace warming up before a long run.

    Running at home helps to lose 5 kg per week

    The exercise is as follows: first you need to walk around the room a little at a brisk pace, and only then start running. There are two ways to escape:

    • raise your knees high;
    • touch the heels of the back of the thigh.

    Continuous jogging at home will allow you to lose 5 kilograms in a week.

escape route

Remember to train in the treadmill. This large machine can be installed at home or used in local gyms.

Intermittent training on the treadmill in the gym

Many people are interested in the question: how to properly run in the gym to lose weight.

The answer is quite simple: you need to develop an interval training system.

The syllabus is as follows:

  • warm-up 10 minutes - walking at a calm pace;
  • A five-minute run at a speed of 5-6 km / h on a slope of 6-7 degrees;
  • Inclined run at a speed of 10 km / h;
  • movement speed limit is not 3 minutes.

This cycle is repeated 5-7 times, depending on the athlete's training. Based on your initial athletic performance, you can develop an intensive training program yourself, and any coach from the gym can help you.

Men and women run to lose weight

Why do inexperienced athletes often wonder why girls should try to lose more weight than men when running?

Men and women run to be in good shape

The answer to this question is simple: members of the stronger sex are genetically more likely to run away.

Men's joints are stronger, their excess weight is "concentrated" in the abdomen, which determines their center of gravity. For this reason, the stronger sex is easier to tolerate physical activity and is less likely to see a doctor due to joint problems.

In women, the center of gravity is below the waist, which makes them more stable for procreation, and the extra pounds are located throughout the body, causing the appearance of cellulite. To lose weight fast for girls, doctors and coaches recommend doing fitness or yoga, which is aimed at maintaining the balance of all kinds of movements.

In any case, members of the fair sex should not give up running, but when choosing this weight loss system, special attention should be paid to running techniques and exercise.

Lose weight on the legs and abdomen

Running to lose weight on the legs and abdomen is another myth, because running is effective for losing weight not only in a certain part, but in the whole body. Of course, with the help of exercises you can pump your legs, hips and abdominal muscles, but with this muscle mass all the muscles of the torso and arms are activated.

Slim legs and toned stomach thanks to running and nutrition

Experienced athletes are advised to buy special sports clothes and shoes to burn fat while running. Elastic sports pants keep moisture out, increase perspiration, and soft, shock-absorbing sneakers not only reduce the compression load on the joints, but also enhance the summer effect.

If you are serious about running to lift your abdomen and reduce the size of your legs, you need to develop a proper nutrition system. If you continue to eat as usual, the extra pounds will go away very slowly and you will only lose weight after six months or even a year.

It is important to know that you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight and gain muscle mass. Therefore, before you start running, you should prepare a meal plan with calculated calories.

Also, "harmful" foods should be eliminated from the diet. These include:

  • fast food;
  • frozen food;
  • bakery products;
  • sweet;
  • conservation.

It is very important to follow a fractional diet to lose weight while playing sports, because the body does not expend much energy to digest and assimilate food.

Remember that you should not overeat before training to burn fat effectively while running.

Run after 50

It is difficult to start running at any age: in the 20s, 30s and 60s, but the younger the human body, the easier it is to tolerate physical activity and "get used" to it. But do not despair and reject this idea to improve the health of the body. Running, even at the age of 50, will allow you to lose weight painlessly, restore heart function and prolong your life by several decades.

A woman who loses weight and runs for good heart function

How to start running at an advanced age and, most importantly, how to do it right? If you are over 50 and want to start running, the first step is to see a doctor and find out if there are any contraindications to such loads.

Experts advise older people and beginners who are overweight to start with active walks in the fresh air. Such an exercise can be performed daily until the body becomes accustomed to the increasing load. After that, you need to move on to sports.

The main thing is to increase the load smoothly, without trying to achieve the results of the younger generation.

There is a technique for older people to "get into" running. The essence of the system is as follows: you have to walk every day for nine weeks, increasing the pace and distance, that is, if you start training at 300 meters and pass them in 5 minutes, the next time you have to cover 350. meters at the same time and so on. After all, you will be able to walk 4-5 kilometers without stress. After completing the two-kilometer route, you can start classes using the same system.