Watermelon diet - minus 10 kg per week: results, advantages and disadvantages, reviews

watermelon juice to lose weight

It is the dream of every woman and some men to be in great shape. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity turn to everything to please others with their appearance. Currently, watermelon diet is very popular. Minus 10 kg per week - this is the result. But this is only if all the rules for its application are followed.

watermelon to lose weight

Useful "striped" berries

First, let's find out what a delicious fruit is.

  • Almost ninety percent is water. This fluid content contributes to a strong diuretic effect, improving intestinal motility.
  • Twelve percent is sugar (glucose, sucrose, fructose).
  • Potassium, calcium, iron and sodium are minerals. Eating two hundred and fifty grams of watermelon, you get the daily magnesium value. In the absence of this element, chronic fatigue, headaches and muscle cramps appear.
  • The substances are alkaline and pectin. The fiber that makes up the berry lowers cholesterol levels. Therefore, watermelon is useful for people with cardiovascular problems.
  • Proteins.
  • Cellulose. Normalizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Vitamins (A, C, B).
  • Antioxidants These substances protect the human body from destruction that begins with age.

Basic principles of diet

You should immediately note that this nutrition program is not suitable for long-term use. Because it is a mono-diet. Based on diuretic effect. Excess fluid is removed from the body, about two liters. This means that the weight is reduced by approximately this number of kilograms.

Watermelon is a sweet berry. Due to this, the body is quickly satiated.

Giving minus 10 kg per week, watermelon diet is based on nutritional adjustments. The transition is from a high-calorie meal to a menu that contains a few calories.

Berries are a natural metabolic stimulant. It can replace ordinary drinking water.

It is recommended to achieve the desired result:

  • Fast one day a week. Eat only watermelon all day.
  • Exercise more and don't forget to train. It is enough to exercise every morning.

Nutrition during weight loss

We will talk about the menu itself later. For now, let's focus on the principles of nutrition. The following rules should be followed to gain minus 10 kg per week with a watermelon diet:

  • The maximum number of days that can be spent eating a watermelon should not exceed three. And then only after consulting a doctor to avoid health problems. This is the answer to the question of whether it is possible to sit on a watermelon diet for a long time.
  • Prefer a low-calorie menu. Portions should be small. Add about two kilograms of berry pulp. Consume in equal portions throughout the day. You can completely replace one of the dishes with a red treat.
  • Twice a week you can eat watermelon and a little black bread all day. On other days, meals should be low in calories but full.

By following these rules, you will form a beautiful figure and will not create health problems.

watermelon salad to lose weight

Eat hard

If watermelon is used in the diet to lose weight, what food should be used? Opinions of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity show that it can be harsh and free. Now let's talk about the first type.

Its duration varies from five to ten days.

  • It is advisable to visit a doctor and have an examination of the gastrointestinal tract and heart before starting a diet.
  • Watermelon and drinking water are the daily diet.
  • The frequency of meals should not exceed five times a day.
  • The daily rate depends on the weight lost. The best choice is one kilogram of berries for ten kilograms of body weight.
  • The right way out of the diet. Products should be introduced gradually. Not more than two a day. Otherwise, the weight can come back and even bring you a few pounds.

Properly adhering to the conditions of the watermelon diet, reviews and results show that you can lose three to five kilograms in seven days.

Free meals

This type is softer and less effective. Watermelon is used only for breakfast. Thus, for those who can not give up everything, a free watermelon diet is suitable for weight loss. The menu is as follows, approximate. Some foods can be changed, but for low calorie foods.

  • As mentioned above, watermelon pulp for breakfast. It weighs no more than six hundred grams. A teaspoon of honey does not hurt in the morning.
  • Lunch - vegetable soup or cooked vegetables (carrots, zucchini, bell peppers, cauliflower, pumpkin).
  • For dinner - oatmeal with apples. You can steam the pumpkin and unleavened bread with it.

Do not use: carbonated and alcoholic beverages. It is recommended to drink at least one and a half liters of water a day.

This program guarantees slow weight loss. But at the same time, this type of watermelon diet, reviews and results testify to this, helping to achieve more lasting results than a strict diet.

In addition, such a diet helps to cleanse the body of toxins and replenish iron, magnesium and vitamin deficiencies.

Advantages of the diet

drink water in the watermelon diet
  • Like any other food, watermelon diet has its pros and cons. Now let's talk about the positives. According to experts, this not only helps to lose weight, but also helps to remove excess fluid from the body. Empty your bowels and feel better.
  • An important argument is the loss of appetite. This aspect is important for those who struggle with hunger between meals.
  • Low calorie content of the product. These numbers range from twenty-eight to thirty-eight calories, all depending on the ripeness of the berries.
  • The fruit is very tasty and many people eat it with pleasure.
  • The fruit ripens in late August and early September, during which time it is easier to follow a low-calorie diet than in winter.

Now you know why watermelon diet is beneficial. If you can't decide to "sit" on it, try fasting on watermelon first. Thanks to this, you can also get good results. Over time, you will be ready to lose weight on a watermelon diet.

watermelon and bread to lose weight

Disadvantages of the diet

We have already talked about the benefits of the diet, now we learn the contraindications of the watermelon diet:

  • This type of food is dangerous for people with problems with the kidneys or genitourinary system. The disease can worsen, even in remission. When using this diet, the main burden falls on the entire excretory system.
  • For people with diabetes mellitus, you can not prefer this method to lose weight.
  • Watermelon diet is contraindicated for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. These berries can only aggravate the disease.

Therefore, you should consult your doctor before "going" on a diet.

The disadvantages of this type of food should include:

  • its toughness, the diet consists only of watermelons;
  • no food balance;
  • first days - fat does not go, but water;
  • substances useful for the body can be washed;
  • swelling;
  • manifestations: weakness, malaise, impotence, dizziness;
  • frequent use of the toilet.

Thoughts of those who are losing weight and those who are losing weight

Now let's talk about the feelings of watermelon diet to lose weight. The opinions of his supporters will help us in this work.

The idea that it is best to "sit" on this dish at the end of the summer should not be overlooked. Watermelons are many, not expensive. Thanks to them, you can easily cope with hunger, and most importantly, the kilograms gradually disappear.

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity do not forget to say that they ate this berry as much as they wanted. As soon as they feel hungry, they cut a piece or two for themselves, and the stomach is full again. The weight is gone.

Another explanation. Confirms that the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins during the diet. After two days, you feel light, digestion improves.

Now about how much weight to lose during a seven-day diet. Many proponents of this diet claim that you can lose ten pounds. But for this you must comply with all the above conditions.

watermelon and oatmeal to lose weight

Get off the diet

So we got minus 10 kg in a week. Watermelon diet is complete. Seven days passed carelessly. What to do next? It is right to get out of it. There are several ways:

  1. For ten days, eat only porridge in water, low-fat cottage cheese, cheese, vegetable salad, low-fat meat. Replace a dish with watermelon. no salt.
  2. Mixed method. Eat watermelon and common food. It is forbidden to eat flour and sweet products. Sample menu: breakfast - seventy grams of watermelon, lunch - soup. And so on. ten days.

It is important not only to start the diet properly, but also to finish it. New products should be introduced gradually. One every day. Low calorie foods are best. Only in this case, the extra pounds will not return again. And you will feel lightness and comfort for a long time.

Every diet requires willpower and endurance. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully before choosing this or that diet. And only then take the first step.