Weight loss belt

Isn't it the dream of people with all weight problems to lose weight without dieting and working out in the gym? Can a weight loss belt help with this? How do weight loss belts work? How does this effect affect weight? Is it worth spending money on such a gadget?

Weight loss belt

Today, the advertising of various devices for "passive" weight loss is like a storm. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people rush to make a nice purchase. How else could it be: you don't have to train, you have to tire yourself with diets. You lose weight by wearing a miracle belt! Many people think about how to lose weight properly, but how easy it is to lose weight! However, are various sauna belts, vibro belts and others so effective? Doctors and fitness instructors are less optimistic about these devices than their distributors.

What is a weight loss belt?

All available weight loss belts can be divided into two major groups:

  • Sauna belts.
  • Massage belts.

There are also belts that combine the features of sauna belts and massage belts. What are such belts?

Sauna effect belts. These devices increase body temperature in the areas of the body under the belt. In other words, sauna belts affect the abdomen. The manufacturers claim that the effect of the sauna helps the process of active lipid breakdown. Along the way, sweat leaves toxins and excess fluid in the tissues. Due to this, there is a reduction in the size of the problem area.

In fact, one should not expect a surprising effect of such a pipeline. It is not able to heat the subcutaneous tissue with local action. If this were possible, the body's homeostasis would be disrupted. In fact, only the skin is heated, and this does not cause the oil to break down.

In addition, keep in mind that the oil does not melt during normal heating. Deposits can only be broken down by enzymes and chemical impulses that affect them. This effect occurs when the body receives fewer calories than it consumes. This means that you can of course wear a belt, but only by following a diet. Otherwise, you will not find the bee's back!

neoprene weight loss belt

Some belts even have extra heat or irritating impregnation (like pepper). They heat the tissues more and therefore sweating is more active. Due to the dehydration of the tissues, the volumes actually decrease, but the fat remains in place. For a glass of water and all the effects of the sauna will disappear!

Sauna belts are cheaper, but it is better to buy them either in pharmacies or sports stores. By the way, if you replace such a belt with ordinary adhesive film or mustard plasters, you will not lose anything.

Massage belts. These are electrical devices that affect the body with magnetic or electrical impulses, as well as vibrations. The manufacturers claim that these oils are easy to break down.

Unfortunately, vibration also has little effect on fats. We are exposed to vibrations on a daily basis: walking in a car or on the subway can also shake body fat. Belts that create a magnetic field should not be considered a miracle weight loss. Especially considering that doctors do not approve of this way to lose weight, you can be sure that the results can be very terrible for health.

Vibrobelt is strictly contraindicated for hypertensive patients, pregnant women, as well as for heart disease and lactating mothers. Therefore, if you want to know how to lose weight after giving birth, you need to forget about vibrobelt. The fragility of blood vessels and the use of such devices after operations on the abdomen is not possible.

Sauna belts should not be used by people with sensitive skin or skin problems. Allergy sufferers should not use belts with different irritating impregnations.

No matter how tempting advertising is, keep in mind that diet and exercise remain the most effective means to lose weight. And you can hardly lose weight by lying on the couch in a miracle belt.