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  • Slimming belt for the abdomen and sides in any conditions. How to choose the most effective weight loss belt. Effectiveness of the power line for girls, women and men. Benefit or loss.
    1 January 2022
  • How to follow a buckwheat diet to lose weight? Dietitians' recommendations, benefits and harms of mono-diet and combined diets based on buckwheat. Ready-made diet menus with buckwheat for a week and a month, as well as the right way out of the diet.
    17 December 2021
  • Protein diet for weight loss: recommended foods and dietary rules for weight loss, useful tips for weight loss.
    18 November 2021
  • The concept of fat burners and the principle of their operation. What are the best fat burners for women? Drinks, foods, sports foods, medications and dietary supplements to lose weight. Contraindications to use.
    31 October 2021