Breathing exercises to lose weight

Lazy people in particular do not want to lose weight by exposing themselves to active exercise and a "painful" diet. It is for them that nutritionists have developed breathing exercises to lose weight, which allows you to significantly reduce volume and tighten muscles in a few days. Is this really possible?

breathing exercises to lose weight

It has been found that breathing exercises not only help to lose weight, but also significantly reduce the risk of developing many diseases - for example, pathologies of the cardiovascular or musculoskeletal system. All of this involves proper breathing and saturation of the body's cells with the oxygen they need for normal life. In fact, this can be achieved with regular exercise, but since this is not normal, it is necessary to fill the gap with breathing exercises.

What are breathing exercises?

Experts say that breathing exercises help to lose weight due to the supply of oxygen to fat cells and their subsequent burning in the body - in this way the process is significantly accelerated (this fact encourages those who lose weight to breathe properly while playing sports). This is evidenced by the numerous opinions of those who lose weight and exercise regularly.

This is important: It is recommended to choose the type of exercise to lose weight only with the permission of your doctor. This will allow you to choose a technique that will not harm existing diseases or injuries that once occurred.

Respiratory gymnastics today is represented by a different set of exercises divided into techniques - body bending, oxidized, yoga, pranayama and other practices. All of these methods are based on deep breathing, which allows oxygen to penetrate deep into the blood cells and internal organs.

Advantages of the technique

Breathing exercises to lose weight on the abdomen, thighs and other problem areas have the following advantages:

  • Deep breathing promotes the oxidation of fat cells, resulting in their natural combustion. If people always breathed properly, there would be no problem with excess weight. According to experts, the average person uses only 25% of the volume of the lungs.
  • Oxygen saturation helps the body better absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This significantly improves metabolism, which prevents weight gain.
  • Oxygen helps reduce appetite because it stimulates the production of ATP molecules - substances responsible for the rapid breakdown of incoming food into energy. The same fact naturally causes rapid satiety.
  • If you breathe properly, you can get rid of toxins and other harmful substances that accumulate in fat cells. This fact helps them to be rapidly oxidized and eliminated from the body.
  • Respiratory gymnastics exercises are allowed even for people with injuries who are prohibited from engaging in standard sports.

Breathing exercises to lose weight are often recommended to combat the stomach. This is due to the simple fact of the deposition of fat cells in the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. As a rule, these fat cells accumulate quickly during overeating or eating large amounts of fatty foods, and at the same time, they are eliminated in the first place. Therefore, if there are problems in the presented area, it is necessary to limit breathing and do breathing exercises.

Effective lessons

Exercises to lose weight can be performed by a doctor by choosing a specific complex. Otherwise, it is enough to refer to the standard exercises, which will be presented below and are effective for the total removal of excess body fat.

"Count to 4"

Take a deep breath in a standing position - breathe slowly, you need to mentally count to 4. Breathing is delayed - also count to 4. A slow exhalation is performed, during which time it counts to 4. This is repeated. at least 10 times. It is recommended to do such an exercise every time there is a stressful situation or when there is a desire to eat, but not due to restrictions or diet.

"We smoke in the stomach"

This exercise will have a great impact on the condition of the abdomen, as it not only removes excess fat, but also significantly tightens the muscles. Exercise is a normal deep breath through the nose when the abdomen is pulled in and the muscles are tense at the same time. This is followed by a shortness of breath. Exhalation is performed in the mouth with tightly closed lips - the abdominal muscles are also gradually weakened. The exercise is difficult to perform for the first time and should be repeated at least 20 times. Therefore, such breathing is carried out during the day until they reach the norm.

"Breathing belly"

The following exercises will help to tighten the abdominal muscles. The advantage of actions is that they can be performed at any convenient time and place. Sitting in a chair, bend your knees at right angles, perform the characteristic abdominal breathing by tenseing the abdominal muscles. Exercise begins with 10 repetitions, gradually increasing the load to 40 consecutive breaths.

"Pressure change"

Respiratory gymnastics can be done in a supine position. Lie on the floor, bend your knees, put your left hand on your chest and your right hand on your stomach. The exercise is performed by taking a deep breath through the chest, during which time the stomach is pulled in - additionally squeezed by hand. During exhalation, the stomach swells and the chest compresses. Repeat at least 20 times, you can increase the number of breaths, but without reducing the volume of the lungs.

Practical advice: To make this type of weight loss more fun, it is recommended to practice lessons videos or quiet music.


In order for breathing exercises to have a positive effect on weight loss, you need to follow the simple recommendations and rules of "developers". The basic principles of breathing exercises include:

  • regular execution;
  • it is better to perform continuously for a long time;
  • breathing should be measured and slow;
  • It is recommended to start breathing exercises on an empty stomach - it will not cause abdominal pain, shortness of breath and headaches;
  • Provide yourself with fresh air during exercise - it is better to do gymnastics on the street, in extreme cases on the balcony.

Strict adherence to the rules and recommendations for breathing exercises helps to lose weight fast. If proper breathing is a way to lose weight with a significant deviation from the norm, in addition to proper nutrition. There is a rejection of fatty, starchy and sweet foods.

Women and men are often enrolled in yoga, oxidized, body flex and other courses specifically for motivation and regular exercise. Here the coach will help to eliminate possible mistakes often made by beginners and will draw up a scheme for performing the exercises individually. It should also be noted that the weight is gradually reduced from breathing exercises - it is faster to evaluate the result with reduced volumes.