Chemical diet Osama Hamdiy

The vast majority of weight loss methods involve reducing the total caloric intake of the diet. It is necessary to use this approach so that the body begins to use long-stored fat reserves for energy. However, this dietary postulate also has significant drawbacks: stress on the body caused by constant hunger and significant disturbances in the functioning of certain internal organs. Almost the only exception is the diet developed by specialist Osama Hamdiy. Another name for this weight loss system is a chemical diet.

Slim girl prepares food to follow a chemical diet

A little history

The author of this number correction method is Osama Hamdiy, an American doctor. He first created a nutritional system for obese diabetics. The author's diet was based on the reprogramming of metabolic processes, which allowed endocrine patients to say goodbye to extra pounds.

According to the results of clinical trials, when using this method, owners of impressive sizes, whose body weight is between 100 and 150 kg, lost a third of their weight. In addition, due to the introduction of this nutritional system, the blood sugar level decreased and the general well-being improved. The weight loss program for diabetics is called "Why Wait". Over the years, it has been improved through the efforts of Dr. Hamdiy and his colleagues.

This is how the chemical diet appeared, which is active today and, most importantly, successfully used by obese people all over the world.

The essence and working principle of the energy system

Osama Hamdi's weight loss method is truly unique. It can save any person from obesity, even in the advanced stage, that is, II and III degrees of severity. This effect of the chemical diet is explained by focusing on specific combinations of proteins and products, which act as a trigger for the activation of metabolic reactions in the body, necessary for the breakdown of fat deposits, when forming his diet.

The effect of losing weight is also achieved by reducing the caloric content of consumed food, but this principle is still not the main one. In addition, the menu contains a minimum amount of carbohydrates. As a result of all these disturbances in the diet, weight loss usually occurs due to a decrease in fat stores, not muscle mass, as in other nutritional systems.

Chemical diet rules

  1. Chicken eggs play the role of the main product in the diet menu. They have a unique balanced composition and have a fairly low energy value, so they are ideal for weight loss. In addition, the egg is completely absorbed by the body and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.
  2. Other types of protein suitable for consumption on a chemical diet are lean fish and meat (except lamb), cottage cheese, and hard cheese with a low percentage of milk fat.
  3. Citrus fruits - primarily grapefruit and oranges - are of great importance for weight loss according to Osama Hamdiy's system. It is advisable to consume them together, which helps to speed up energy exchange and metabolism in general.
  4. The list of foods allowed on a chemical diet includes most fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, and bran bread; black, green and herbal teas; still mineral water, natural coffee.
  5. It is forbidden to eat in sufficient quantities - potatoes, sugar and all kinds of sweets, any fats (both vegetable and animal origin); almost all flour products, alcoholic beverages. Grapes, bananas, figs, dates and raisins cannot be eaten from fruits. The absolute majority of fermented milk products and drinks, as well as milk itself, are subject to the strictest taboo.
  6. You should drink at least 1 liter of clean table water per day. It is recommended to swallow the liquid not during meals, but in the breaks between meals.
  7. Food should be moderately salted. In general, the less the better. And this should be done immediately before serving the diet meal.
  8. Food can be steamed, fried, baked and baked. Do not add oil, herbs and spices to the food.
  9. You should weigh yourself every morning and record your body weight. But this manipulation should be done exactly after a bowel movement.
  10. You should eat until you feel full. Do not overeat!
  11. The optimal period for following a chemical diet is seven days, so it is better to start losing weight on Monday.
  12. You can stick to this weight loss method for a maximum of 1 month.
  13. If you feel a strong feeling of hunger in the breaks between meals, you are allowed to give yourself small snacks in the form of fresh cucumbers or tomatoes, preferably without salt.
  14. The last meal should be no later than two hours before bedtime. In this case, the food will have time to be completely digested, and the resulting calories will not be able to turn into fat deposits in the body.
  15. If for some reason you failed to follow the method - for example, you missed a diet day - you need to start the weight loss course from the very beginning.

Pros and cons of a chemical diet

Osama Hamdi's weight loss system has many undoubted advantages. These include:

  • high efficiency of the method;
  • budget diet;
  • menu balance in terms of key nutrients;
  • cleanse the body of toxins and toxins;
  • removal of excess fluid bound in tissues from body tissues;
  • almost complete absence of hunger when applying weight loss methods;
  • long-term maintenance of the obtained results;
  • absence of dietary restrictions by gender and age;
  • breakdown of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels;
  • simplicity and accessibility of the diet;
  • reducing cravings for sweets;
  • no need to spend a lot of time preparing diet meals;
  • the ability to exercise while following a chemical diet;
  • there is no ban on the use of this weight loss technique for people with diabetes.

Of course, the Hamdiy energy system also has its disadvantages. And it should be noted that there are many of them:

  • increased load on the kidneys due to the spread of proteins in the diet;
  • the need to strictly follow all dietary requirements;
  • lack of carbohydrates and fats in the diet;
  • a high probability of general weakness, fatigue, dizziness and even bad mood;
  • prohibition of intense physical activity (must be moderate);
  • monotony of diet and especially breakfast;
  • the presence of many contraindications.

Regarding the latter, chemical diet is unacceptable for people with liver and kidney pathologies, endocrine diseases (except diabetes); problems with the gastrointestinal tract, allergies to citrus fruits and/or chicken eggs, as well as fish. Pregnant and lactating women should refrain from following Osama Hamdi's method. If you have cardiovascular diseases, including high-grade hypertension and atherosclerosis, you need to consult a doctor first.

Types of weight loss methods

Egg chemical diet for a week

As the name of the food system suggests, its main product is chicken eggs. They should be consumed only when boiled. The rest of the food is brought to a state by resorting to cooking, baking, steaming and the same cooking methods. They eat three times a day for seven days. Dinner is served in the evening from 18: 00 to 20: 00.

Sample menu:

For breakfast, eat an orange or grapefruit every day, plus 1-2 eggs, soft-boiled, "in a bag" or hard-boiled.

I day

  • They dine on any fruit without touching those on the forbidden list. The amount of pulp that is juicy enough to get a feeling of satiety is determined by your discretion.
  • Enjoy 250g of lean meat grilled or boiled for lunch.

II day.

  • For dinner, eat 300 g of chicken breast baked in the oven. You can simply boil the chicken fillet.
  • Satisfy your hunger in the evening with tomato, cucumber, white cabbage and bell pepper salad. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is used as a dressing.

Day III.

  • For lunch, eat a slice of wholemeal bread, two fresh tomatoes and a few slices of low-fat hard cheese.
  • Dinner is steamed chicken or turkey.

IV day.

  • Lunch is exactly the same as the meals of the first diet day.
  • As part of dinner, eat 250 g of boiled lean meat and vegetable salad.

V day

  • For lunch, limit yourself to an omelet with two eggs and steamed zucchini.
  • Dinner is boiled fish fillet, tomato-cucumber salad and any citrus fruit.

VI day.

  • Any amount of favorite low-calorie fruit is suitable for lunch.
  • In the evening, enjoy 300 g of lean meat cooked in the oven and a vegetable salad with chopped greens sprinkled with lemon juice.

VII day.

  • For lunch, you gain strength by eating two fresh tomatoes, a steamed fish fillet and the pulp of two oranges.
  • Dinner is vegetable stew or vinaigrette without adding vegetable oil.

This system allows you to lose weight by 5-7 kg. By extending it for another week (for this, it is enough to repeat the above menu again), you can say goodbye to 7-12 kilograms of excess weight.

4 week egg chemical diet

It is intended for those with impressive weight. Due to the use of this technique, the plumb line can be 10-30 kg depending on the initial body weight.

Sample menu:

A week.

They eat breakfast every day with one or two boiled eggs and half of their favorite citrus fruits.

I day

  • They eat fruit from the list of what is allowed for lunch.
  • In the evening, they feast on grilled lean meat.

II day.

  • They dine on grilled chicken fillet, an orange and two medium-sized tomatoes.
  • Dinner consists of two hard-boiled eggs, grapefruit pulp and a piece of rye bread toast.

Day III.

  • At lunch, they eat wholemeal bread (one slice), cheese and a few fresh tomatoes.
  • For dinner, they are satisfied with any amount of boiled lean meat.

IV day.

  • As part of lunch, they are saturated with low-calorie fruit pulp.
  • The final dish is a combination of lettuce and lean, steamed meat.

V day

  • Lunch is a combination of lean vegetables and two soft-boiled eggs.
  • Recharge your energy in the evening by consuming spinach leaves, baked fish fillets and oranges.

VI day.

  • Lunch consists of fruit salad.
  • For dinner, they eat steamed beef, rabbit or veal.

VII day.

  • In the middle of the day, enjoy grilled chicken fillet, two mandarin pulp and tomato salad.
  • Limit yourself to steamed vegetables for dinner.

Second week.

Breakfast is similar to what was done during the first seven days.

I day

  • For lunch, they eat cucumber salad and cooked lean meat.
  • They dine on lettuce leaves, a grapefruit and two soft-boiled eggs.

II day.

  • The second course is oven-baked lean meat and spinach leaves.
  • The evening meal completely coincides with the dinner of the previous diet day.

Day III.

  • Lunch is similar to the daily meal of the second day of the weight loss method.
  • The same applies to dinner - it is similar to the evening meal of the third day of the diet.

IV day.

  • They dine on steamed vegetables, low-fat cheese and two hard-boiled eggs.
  • For dinner, eat an egg omelette and a salad of your favorite vegetables.

V day

  • Eat fish baked in foil in the middle of the day.
  • Dinner is the same as the day before.

VI day.

  • They satiate their hunger in the afternoon with grilled fish.
  • In the evening, they enjoy a vegetable salad and a steamed one-egg omelette.

VII day.

  • For lunch, they eat fresh tomatoes, baked chicken fillet and an orange pulp.
  • Fruit salad is suitable for lunch.

Third week.

During this period, you should eat a certain set of meals every day. In this case, it is very important to divide the proposed provisions into equal parts, which should be consumed in three doses, that is, as part of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  1. On the first day, they eat only the fruits that are on the permitted list.
  2. On the second day, it is allowed to eat only vegetables - fresh or cooked. You can't add fat to them!
  3. The third day is reserved for eating fruits or vegetables of your choice.
  4. The fourth day is meat day. It is suitable for swallowing chicken, turkey fillet or lean meat from farm animals. This product can be boiled, baked, baked or steamed/grilled.
  5. On the fifth day, hunger is satisfied with only one type of ripe fruit.

The day that ends the third seven-day cycle determines the consumption of fruits and only one kind of fruit.

Fourth week.

During this period, when forming a diet, they continue as in the previous week: they divide the entire daily volume of products into several equal parts. The main thing is to clearly consume the amount of dietary food indicated in the menu.

  1. I dayYou can eat boiled fish (200 g), boiled chicken fillet (2 times more), a slice of wholemeal bread, 1 orange, 3 fresh tomatoes, the same amount of fresh cucumber.
  2. II day.The diet is similar to the diet of the first day, but chicken/fish should be replaced with boiled lean meat (beef or rabbit) in the amount of 200 g.
  3. Day III.The daily menu consists of homemade low-fat cottage cheese (100 g), two tomatoes, vegetable stew (200 g), a slice of rye bread and the pulp of two grapefruits.
  4. IV day.It is spent enjoying the taste of tomato-cucumber salad (to prepare this dish, take two vegetables of the mentioned types), chicken fillet - boiled or steamed (200 g), an orange and a piece of bran bread.
  5. V dayDuring the day, they eat finely chopped white cabbage (300 g), three small tomatoes, an omelette consisting of two eggs and one citrus fruit of any kind.
  6. VI day.The daily menu consists of low-fat fine-grained cottage cheese (100 g), the pulp of one orange and grapefruit, boiled chicken fillet (200 g) and the same amount of salad from non-starchy vegetables.
  7. VII day.His diet consists of steamed or baked fish (200g), tomato and fresh cucumber salad, homemade cottage cheese (150g) and a slice of Borodino bread.

Curd chemical diet

It will appeal to those who do not like eggs or are allergic to this food product. It is realistic to gain 15 to 20 kg after the weight loss technique is completed. This effect can be achieved within a month after using the energy system.

Sample daily menu for the first week:

  • For breakfast, eat any fruit from the permitted list and low-fat cottage cheese (250 g).
  • They have lunch with a slice of wholemeal bread and a piece of hard cheese sandwich.
  • For dinner, they enjoy fish fillets or roast meat, as well as fresh vegetables (several different).

Sample menu for the second week:

  • In the morning, they eat cottage cheese (maximum 300 g) and any fruit, except for the prohibited ones.
  • In the middle of the day, eat a vegetable salad sprinkled with lemon juice and similarly prepared boiled lean meat or fish fillet.
  • Dinner is the same as breakfast.

Exit from any type of chemical diet is carried out according to the Osama Hamdiy standard scheme. This is necessary, otherwise it is inevitable to gain lost kilograms in a short period of time.

Reviews about the weight loss method are mostly positive. People like its real effectiveness, quick and effective results, lack of hunger between meals, as well as its balance, relatively cheapness of diet foods, lack of harmful foods on the menu. Among the shortcomings, those losing weight note only the monotony of the diet, the abundance of chicken eggs in the diet, strict adherence to the proposed menus. In general, think for yourself whether it is on this diet. Better yet, consult a nutritionist before making a final decision.